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Gaslighting Your Child’s Worries and Fears is Harmful Don't dismiss/deny your child's feelings by telling seemingly harmless lies, it's gaslighting

Parental gaslighting is fairly common.  Parents may gaslight their children without even realizing it – it’s a normal thing.  The seemingly innocuous lies to get our kids to obey/comply are not considered gaslighting.  Parents believe [Read More]

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Parent-Child Estrangement: Did Elon Musk Fail As A Father? When a child chooses to cut a parent off, the parent must make an effort to redress the issue

I did a double take when I first read about Elon Musk’s estrangement from his child. Musk’s son, Xavier has come out as a transgender and filed paperwork to change his/her/them first and last name. [Read More]

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