5 Ways To Build Positive Sibling Relationships Parents can do a lot to nurture positive sibling bonds

Having a sibling can be a wonderful thing. In childhood, it can mean having someone to play with. In adulthood, it can be one of the few relationships that can truly last a lifetime. As a parent, it’s really nice to have kids that get along well. It will make your life easier, and it will make your kids’ life more fun.

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Parents play a key role in nurturing a positive sibling relationship

If you’re interested in helping your children build positive relationships with each other, here are a few tips.

1) Avoid Making Comparisons between Siblings

It’s natural for siblings to compete in different things. However, as a parent, it’s best to avoid making direct comparisons. Everyone has their own special talents and skills. If one child is a faster runner or better at math, you certainly don’t want to make the other child feel inferior

There are a whole host of reasons that avoiding comparisons is good for kids’ development. Comparisons breeds competition, resentment and jealousy among siblings and one of the main reasons for sibling rivalry.

Furthermore, this childhood rivalry usually continues into adulthood. This not just affects family relations, it affects how one relates to the world – particularly the work environment.

2) Encourage Them To Work Together

Once your children are old enough to start doing chores, it can be a good idea to assign them tasks that they can work on as a team. This might be doing the dishes after dinner, taking out the trash in the house, or something else along those lines. This kind of activity helps to build a deep bond. Even when your kids are fairly young, you can get them involved in doing things like putting away their toys after playing together.

Maybe it would be a good idea to let siblings decide between themselves what each wants to do. The more they collaborate to get things done, the closer they will grow.

3) Promote And Praise Sharing

It’s not uncommon for siblings to fight over toys. If one child is playing with a ride-on toy, you can bet that the other one will be pining for it. Teaching your kids to share and take turns will mean more fun and less conflict.

You can also encourage them to play with toys that naturally involve more than one person. Have them kick a soccer ball or play scrabble with each other – they are sure to have a blast together.

4) Read Books About Siblings

Kids learn a lot from interacting with other people. But, they also learn through the content that they consume.

If you read stories that involve siblings getting along and growing close, your kids will subconsciously embrace that message. This will make them more likely to develop a healthy, fulfilling relationship with each other.

5) Have Fun Together As A Family

Fond memories can act like glue that bonds people together. If your kids are lucky enough to grow up with family canoe trips, BBQs, and other fun activities, then these things will ultimately be interwoven into the fabric of their childhood. Not only will your kids bond during these activities but these times will add to their treasure trove of good memories.

What better than having a sibling to reminisce these great times years later. They will have a rich tapestry of memories to draw from and share with their own families during get-togethers and other family events.

Happy memories are those jewels we carry in our hearts that stay with us forever. The bonds forged between siblings can affect them for a lifetime and parents play a key role in nurturing positive life-long sibling relationships.

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