Scoliosis - Your Protective Body Armor

Scoliosis – Your Protective Body Armor Armoring is your body's response to stress and danger in the environment

The theory of armoring was introduced by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich which was further developed by Alexander Lowen. According to Reich, psycho-emotional conflicts which are suppressed end up being locked up in the muscular tissue of the body, forming what he called body armor. This body armor becomes a protective muscular shell. It not only […]

Scoliosis – Fear, Shame & Your Tight Spinal Cord

Scoliosis – Fear, Shame And Your Tight Spinal Cord Emotions of fear and shame cause tightness in our bodies mainly our spines causing scoliosis

According to neuroscientist Prof. Milan Roth, a tight spinal cord or spinal nerve tension is the cause of most Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). In fact, a tight spinal cord is the main limiting factor preventing doctors from surgically realigning the spine as straight as possible. Image Source: Pixabay How does the spinal cord get tight? Even […]

6 Reasons Why Scoliosis Is More Common In Girls Than Boys

6 Reasons Why Scoliosis Is More Common In Girls Than Boys Idiopathic scoliosis affects more girls than boys due to biological and environmental factors

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) affects both boys and girls older than age 10. However, AIS is more than 10 times more common in girls than in boys, with an overall ratio of 11:1. And sadly doctors still claim to be clueless, regarding the origins of scoliosis or this disparate reality. Image Source: Pixabay Despite enough […]

Secondary Wounding – Surviving The Stigma Of Scoliosis

Secondary Wounding – Surviving The Stigma Of Scoliosis The pain of scoliosis is further exacerbated by insensitive & hurtful behavior of people

Scoliosis is literally a pain in the back. Besides having to cope with constant pain, you have to also have to deal with a deformed body. And what hurts most is having to contend with the insensitivity, ignorance, and rejection of the people who should be the ones propping you up. This secondary wounding is […]

Fergie’s Stupid Claim About Daughter’s Scoliosis

Fergie’s Idiotic Claim About Princess Eugenie’s Scoliosis It is damaging when a celebrity fuels misconceptions about scoliosis

I am appalled at Sarah Ferguson’s claim that her newly-married daughter Princess Eugenie would have been “put in an asylum and locked up” had the royal suffered from her rare spinal condition scoliosis in another country. How insensitive and irresponsible to utter such an uncorroborated statement. Scoliosis Is A Spinal Condition I am not surprised […]

Scoliosis – Trauma, Structural Dissociation, Split Brain

Scoliosis – Trauma, Structural Dissociation, Split Brain Childhood trauma causes one's psyche to split or dissociate causing fragmentation of our personality

Most people perceive ‘dissociation’ as depicted in M. Night Shyamalan’s movie ‘Spilt’.  This  “flipping” from one personality to another in a majority of trauma cases is usually not so dramatic –  one persona totally unaware of the other personality states. Switching between personality parts is common for those with a history of childhood abuse.  Childhood trauma basically causes splits or […]

Psycho-social Factors In The Development Of Scoliosis

Psychosocial Factors In The Development Of Scoliosis Scientific research on the causes of idiopathic scoliosis has been inadequate - what really causes this condition

Do certain personality traits, a history of adverse childhood experiences ACEs, or a particular way of coping with stress make a person more likely to get scoliosis? Medical research has been woefully inadequate on this condition. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis. It develops just before or during the growth spurt […]

Healing Scoliosis With Theta Brain Waves

Healing Scoliosis With Theta Brain Waves Theta waves help in unlocking our subconscious mind where our trauma memories are repressed

Healing from scoliosis for me has meant healing from childhood trauma. As the frozen emotions in my subconscious mind come to the surface, I am able to process and let go of the pain, anger, and feeling of woundedness. Image Source:: Pixabay Moreover, my back has gotten straighter without a brace or chiropractic manipulations, massage […]

How Psychedelics Can Help Heal Scoliosis

How Psychedelics Can Help Heal Scoliosis Psychedelics have been shown to be effective in treating mental illnesses so can they help heal scoliosis

I firmly believe that idiopathic scoliosis is caused by a mind-body imbalance. Your emotional feelings of being unbalanced are manifested in faulty bodily defenses or defective body patterns. These tensions and contractions in the body arise in childhood due to adverse childhood experiences. Not feeling good enough and safe enough. The feeling of being unsupported […]