The Origins of Rage – Reasons For Mass Shootings Intermittent Reinforcement And Toxic Gratitude 5 Ways To Build Positive Sibling Relationships How We Talk With Our Kids Shapes Their Brain Tackling Tantrums – Raising Emotionally Agile Kids A Parent's Gift Of Positivity - Life Is Beautiful

A Parent’s Gift Of Positivity – Life Is Beautiful Shape your child's perception, no matter how bad things are, try to make life fun and adventure

Parents shape a child’s reality. Everything they say and do for the first seven years of their children’s lives is recorded and becomes their beliefs and behaviors. Moreover, it is not the environment that shapes [Read More;]

What If Jesus Was Born In An Abusive Family 11 Things That Help Build Resilience In A Child Having A Child – Simple, Practical Tips For New Parents The Art of Good Enough Parenting – Repairing The Rupture

The Key To Good Enough Parenting – Repair The Rupture Good parenting is about reconnection, repairing and making a child feel loved and safe

British pediatrician and psychoanalyst, Donald Winnicott coined the phrase ‘good enough mother’. He came to realize that babies and children actually benefit when their caregivers fail them in manageable ways. However, to be good enough, one [Read More;]

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