Untruths From Our Childhood We Need To Stop Believing

Untruths From Our Childhood We Need To Stop Believing Truly growing up requires relinquishing the many untruths and faulty beliefs that were handed down to us

We are programmed and groomed since childhood to believe things that are not really true or are inherently false. Our parents, caregivers, and the school system work at creating obedient and pliable humans who will [Read More]

The Crazy-Making Parenting Style of Double Binds

The Crazy-Making Parenting Style of Double Binds Contradictory parental communication is highly damaging to a child's psychological development

A child’s brain development is dependent on repetitive attuned communication. Yet many parents fail miserably in consistently relating to their child in an honest healthy manner. They confuse their kids with conflicting messages thus putting [Read More]

The Power of Touch: Creating Calm Regulated  Humans The Parental  Delusion of Doing What Is Best For A Child 5 Modern Things That Hamper A Child’s Proper Development Amy Coney Barrett and Her Carefully Curated Supermom Image

Why Amy Coney Barrett Need Not Be Every Women’s Role Model Success can mean different things, don't let the media influence your definition of success

Recently confirmed SCOTUS, Amy Coney Barrett is also supermom or so it seems.  Besides being a highly accomplished and successful career woman, she is also mother to 7 kids – aged 8 to 18.  What’s [Read More]

Rejection-Proof Your Child For Survival and Success Infant Sleep and Its Relation with Cognition and Growth Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter’s Right to Call her Parents’ Out

Claudia Conway Finally Got Her Parents’ Attention Claudia Conway's attention-seeking behavior was the only way to get her parents to pay attention

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia called out her parents for failing to care and pay attention to their kids. In her rage-filled social media rants, she announced she is seeking emancipation from her parents – Kelllyanne [Read More]

Great Parenting is Being in Control without Being Controlling
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