Princess Eugenie’s Loving Father Price Andrew Your Child’s Protective Buffers Against Sexual Abuse Your Child’s Conative Skills – Key To Success Holding Space For Your Kids, Increases Their Tolerance

Holding Space For Your Kids, Increases Their Tolerance When kids feel safe and loved for who they are they become tolerant of the world

Holding Space in therapeutic terms means to be totally present for someone. Accepting their faults, their issues, and struggles. Not having expectations, not judging or criticising. In this climate of total acceptance, healing happens. Holding space is [Read More]

Innocent Lives Destroyed By The Evil Catholic Church How To Hone Your Child’s Self-Protective Instincts

Parents Stop Trying To Raise Another Einstein Pushing their child to accomplish things beyond their capabilities does not help in the long-term

In today’s competitive world every parent wants their child to be geniuses. They invest in educational aids hoping to raise another Einstein. Parents push their kids to learn, perform and generally perform beyond their interests [Read More]

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