Rocketman - No Longer A Victim of Love, I'm Still Standing

Rocketman – No Longer A Victim of Love, I’m Still Standing Elton John's biopic about healing and redemption is great movie therapy

I wasn’t expecting Elton John’s biopic ‘Rocketman’ to be so therapeutic. Though over the years, Elton John’s songs have been metaphorical reminders of my life. They have grounded me and kept me sane in the [Read More]

The Origins of Rage – Reasons For Mass Shootings #WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Fear & Shame

#WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Who Will Believe Us Victims have many reasons #WhyIDidntReport sexual abuse but accusing Kavanaugh stinks of a political agenda

Many who have been sexually violated and abused rarely report the assault to anyone. They are overwhelmed with feelings of fear and shame. Fear of being judged and the shame of being branded as the [Read More]

Innocent Lives Destroyed By The Evil Catholic Church Isabella Rossellini, Lancôme, Scoliosis