Jordan Peterson’s Life Skills For Survivors Survivors need a new blueprint to help them navigate life again

As a survivor, I wish Dr. Jordan Peterson had come on the world stage when I was younger. Young people of my generation were taught to be good and respectful. Moreover, if you were Christian, obedience to the adults in your life was commanded by God and you had to follow that order no matter what.

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Being naive I just accepted that this was the way to live. This was the underlying reason why I just accepted the abuse. Besides, I was really clueless that I too have rights. That my feelings were important. And I could say no. I  didn’t have to be nice to mean, selfish and abusive people.

Forgiveness Is Misunderstood

However, I just accepted and did what was told to  Even if it meant that you would be abused and used. I really regret having spent most of my youth thinking that I had to turn my other cheek to the people who hurt me. That I should keep forgiving no matter. That’s what Jesus said, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.” Seriously, that was really bad advice.

Today, I cannot accept a faith that gave me such terrible counsel of forgiving people who kept using and abusing me. I wish I had known that I have to protect myself. I cannot allow people to behave obnoxiously towards me without me protesting. They are going to continue with their cruel behavior. Sadly, I was never taught that self-care comes first.

That’s what Dr. Jordan Peterson keeps exhorting everyone to be proactive. That it is up to each one of us change our behaviors. If we want people to treat us with respect and consideration we must not allow them to walk over us. We have to stop being naive and accepting or we could end up being lifelong doormats. And we are responsible for changing our faulty blueprint.

These gems of Dr. Jordan Peterson helped me become better:

1) Don’t Be The Nice Guy
2) The Dangers Of Being Too Agreeable
3) Don’t Be a Puppet!
3) The problem of too much empathy
4) Stop Saying Things That Make You Weak!
5) Developing Your Inner Psychopath
6) Speaking Your Mind
7) Speak your truth or pay the price
8) Becoming Independent From Your Parents
9) The Importance of Having Thick Skin
10) The Mystery of DMT and Psilocybin

Jordan Peterson’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future

By listening to Dr. Peterson I have begun to feel more empowered.  In him, I have found my enlightened witness who was lacking in my healing journey.

Those repressed feelings, the guilt, and shame of not being good have been erased. I know that I need to speak my mind and  learn when to be a monster to protect my rights and feelings. Yes, thanks to Dr. Peterson I am finally becoming who I was really meant to be. Not someone’s puppet.

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