Scoliosis Is More Than Just A Spine Curved Sideways Spinal misalignments affects the proper functioning of our body and mind

Most normal people with straight spines are clueless about scoliosis. They see it just as a physical deformity, well like having polio. Scoliosis is more than just a  spine curved sideways. The spinal column is a complex mechanism of nerves, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles. When your spine curves abnormally, it twists and compresses these numerous parts and inhibits /blocks the smooth transmission of information to our nervous system.

What’s worse it could damage the spinal cord leading to paralysis and sometimes death. But those are extreme cases.

Scoliosis Is More Than Just A  Spine Curved Sideways
List of medical issues that could be caused by scoliosis

However, most of us who suffer from scoliosis suffer from some health problems ranging from chronic pain to digestive issues. I did a google search and the have discovered the numerous health issues that could be attributed to scoliosis. I have tried to list them in my above clip art. If I have missed any feel free to send more information.

Does Scoliosis Cause The Condition or The Condition Cause Scoliosis

Most types of scoliosis are diagnosed idiopathic, those professionals don’t know what the hell caused your spine to grow wonky. They can’t pinpoint any single factor that contributed to the condition. Have they not heard of the ACEs study and how damaging childhood neglect and abuse can be to a growing child.

While ignoring the obvious, the medical community is still trying to pinpoint the actual cause of idiopathic scoliosis.   However, the cause and effect can be debated both ways. Does scoliosis cause a condition or does a condition cause scoliosis? The proverbial chicken-egg dilemma.

Like a recent study shows scoliosis is linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow. Now the study states that because there is a disruption in the flow, it could be the causative factor for scoliosis. Notwithstanding, shouldn’t it be obvious that if your spine twists it will disrupt the flow of spinal fluid. Rather than being the cause, it is most likely the effect.

Emotions The Causative Factor?

Now is a tethered spinal cord the cause of scoliosis. Or does scoliosis cause a tight spinal cord? After all your spinal cord is not designed to twist unnaturally. When your spine twists due to scoliosis, it could definitely cause a tight spinal cord.
The medical community totally overlooks the emotional component that could be the causative factor. After all, it is now common knowledge how holding onto our feelings, literally manifests in the tightening of our bodies, particularly our spinal columns, leading to a tight spinal cord and eventually scoliosis

Then there is the tilted eye line diagnosis as one of the first signs of scoliosis. Does that cause scoliosis or does scoliosis cause visual misalignment?
Now our eyes represent a complex part of our central nervous system, connected directly to the brain. According to Reich the father of the armoring theory ocular armor is our first line of defense. We block out what we cannot bear to see. What’s more how we see the world affects how we hold our bodies. Everyone knows that when our eyes are downcast due to sadness, we see the world tilted.

Then does scoliosis cause your jaw to go out of place or does a misaligned jaw be the cause of scoliosis? According to Reichian theory, the second line of defense we adopt is oral armoring – we clench our jaw because we are forced to shut up. When growing up in an abusive environment, there is no respite from the toxic situation. The muscles stay locked in position and grow that way. The jaw stays locked in which in turn causes the spine to grow out of alignment.

Emotions Are Energy

Neuroscientist, Dr, Candace B. Pert,  in her book Molecules of Emotion, explains how feelings and unexpressed emotions from experiences can get stuck in the body:

Modern physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one without the other.

Emotions are responsible for profound changes in the body landscape, by affecting the internal environment, viscera, and the musculoskeletal system. Our emotions affect our brain which sends messages to our spinal system brace for attack but since the attack is relentless and unceasing our muscles stay locked in position. The outcome scoliosis.

How Scoliosis Affected My Life

Well, constant pain has been a part of my life.  Some days it is the back, while other times the legs. Recently, I have again begun having excruciating migraines. Then I feel tired easily and definitely cannot carry weights – even a little and my back starts hurting. It was a real struggle carrying my son when he was a child.

However, my menstrual cycle was pretty regular and had no problem getting pregnant. Most of my pregnancy went smoothly enough and had a normal delivery – though my pelvis was tilted. My gynecologist did caution that a C-section may have to be considered. However, kudos to her patience and expertise I delivered normally.  And no, I did not risk an epidural so bore the pain which was for the best. Since studies now show that epidurals block the normal flow of oxytocin, critical for the early mother-baby bonding.

All in all health-wise, I did not have too many issues.

Secondary Wounding and Mental Health

However, my mental health was severely affected coping with the shame of a curved spine. The depression and aloneness I experienced were excruciating. What was worse was the secondary wounding  I experienced because I was misshapen. Looks do matter in this world at least seeming normal is critical for getting that job or finding a suitable life partner. I struggled with finding and keeping jobs. And ended up in a very abusive relationship.

Life has been one long struggle until recently. Having my now adult son support me emotionally and financially has dramatically changed how I experience life. As a result, my scoliosis has improved dramatically. Love does heal your traumatized brain and body.

My Spine Feels Supported

Scoliosis is a manifestation of a mind that feels it burdened beyond what it can bear. Our backbone literally bends with the burden of being responsible. For the first time since I was 10, a little before my mother’s death have I not had to be ‘RESPONSIBLE’ It has been so liberating.

It feels as if a big load has been lifted from my mind – my default state of being shifted and with it my spine. I have no doubt – the mind-body-spirit are inseparable.


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