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Movie Therapy – How Mirror Neurons Help Heal Trauma Movies can be used as a tool to release our frozen emotions and heal

Movies can help us explore our psyches and heal our past traumas, Watching an emotional film triggers our mirror neurons and recreates within us the emotions felt by characters we watch. Most of us who […]

Scoliosis – Fear, Shame & Your Tight Spinal Cord

Scoliosis – Fear, Shame And Your Tight Spinal Cord Emotions of fear and shame cause tightness in our bodies mainly our spines causing scoliosis

According to neuroscientist Prof. Milan Roth, a tight spinal cord or spinal nerve tension is the cause of most Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). In fact, a tight spinal cord is the main limiting factor preventing doctors […]

6 Reasons Why Scoliosis Is More Common In Girls Than Boys
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