Filicide: Psychology of Mother Murdering Her Child Getting Unshackled From Expectatations, Releasing Resentments The Danger of Innocuous Lies, How Parents Gaslight a Child

Gaslighting Your Child’s Worries and Fears is Harmful Don't dismiss/deny your child's feelings by telling seemingly harmless lies, it's gaslighting

Parental gaslighting is fairly common.  Parents may gaslight their children without even realizing it – it’s a normal thing.  The seemingly innocuous lies to get our kids to obey/comply are not considered gaslighting.  Parents believe [Read More]

Developing Your Child’s Perseverance Muscle Parent-Child Estrangement: Did Elon Musk Fail As A Father?

Parent-Child Estrangement: Did Elon Musk Fail As A Father? When a child chooses to cut a parent off, the parent must make an effort to redress the issue

I did a double take when I first read about Elon Musk’s estrangement from his child. Musk’s son, Xavier has come out as a transgender and filed paperwork to change his/her/them first and last name. [Read More]

10 Life-Skills That Give Your Child A Huge Advantage Who Is Responsible For The School Shootings?

Who Is Responsible For The School Shootings? The Texas school shooting raises questions about responsibility, who is to blame

The recent horrific, shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas raises the pertinent question of responsibility. Who is responsible for the senseless massacre of 19 students plus 2 teachers? Since 1970 there have been 2052 [Read More]

When Your Child Develops Idiopathic Scoliosis… Microbes – Giving Your Child The Best Start In Life Bioenergetics: The Body-Mind Approach To Healing Scoliosis
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