3 Things A Woman Should Know Before Having Kids How ACEs Cause Scoliosis

Wiring Your Child’s Brain – Indian Sage’s Advice The celebrated Indian sage Thiruvalluvar advice for parents is relevant even today

Children are undiscerning imitators. They copy the social environment they are exposed to by observation and assimilation. The neurons in their developing brain are being wired. Their personality is developing. Imitation serves as both a [Read More]

Natural Birth & Breastfeeding: Replaceable? Re-posted from http://kellybroganmd.com/natural-birth-breastfeeding-replaceable ......... By Kelly Brogan, MD

Now that we know the microbiome exists and is largely responsible for our digestion, immunity, and assimilation and production of nutrients, we are charged with learning about its optimal manifestation. How is it created? What are the ingredients to a healthy microbiome? [Read More]