Resolving Rumination Loops – When the Lambs Stop Screaming Connection Between Scoliosis and the Pineal Gland(Third Eye) Amazing Magnesium: Relieves Stress, Pain, Scoliosis and More Unfreeze Trauma By Hacking Your Little Brain, The Cerebellum

Unfreeze Trauma By Hacking Your Little Brain, The Cerebellum The cerebellum plays a critical role in our stress response of fight-flight-freeze

The root of Complex-post-traumatic stress disorder ( C-PTSD) is inescapable fear. As children, the only option in dealing with dangerous predators aka abusive parents/caregivers is freezing –  numbing out, dissociating not reacting. Becoming frozen zombies [Read More]

Your Emotional Fascia, The Reason For Your Scoliosis Mewing – Using Your Tongue to Heal Scoliosis Amy Coney Barrett and Her Carefully Curated Supermom Image

Why Amy Coney Barrett Need Not Be Every Women’s Role Model Success can mean different things, don't let the media influence your definition of success

Recently confirmed SCOTUS, Amy Coney Barrett is also supermom or so it seems.  Besides being a highly accomplished and successful career woman, she is also mother to 7 kids – aged 8 to 18.  What’s [Read More]

ASMR Overwrites Those Ruminating Thoughts in Your Head Why I Wrote a Book About Being Able to Say ‘No’ To Manage Anger and Shame, Improve Your Distress Tolerance

Improve Your Distress Tolerance to Better Manage Anger, Shame Maginging distressing emotions requires awareness, tolerance and eventually release

Most of us have grown up being shamed for expressing anger.  With such an upbringing we learn to repress our anger and internalize the shame about our feelings. We are unable to manage or tolerate [Read More]