Filicide: Psychology of Mother Murdering Her Child Coming To America – A Deaf Woman’s Journey Of Healing The Diana Myth And The Need To Stop Idealizing A Parent The Prince, The Proud Feminist and Oprah Play Truth or Lies Amy Coney Barrett and Her Carefully Curated Supermom Image

Why Amy Coney Barrett Need Not Be Every Women’s Role Model Success can mean different things, don't let the media influence your definition of success

Recently confirmed SCOTUS, Amy Coney Barrett is also supermom or so it seems.  Besides being a highly accomplished and successful career woman, she is also mother to 7 kids – aged 8 to 18.  What’s [Read More]

Why I Wrote a Book About Being Able to Say ‘No’ Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter’s Right to Call her Parents’ Out

Claudia Conway Finally Got Her Parents’ Attention Claudia Conway's attention-seeking behavior was the only way to get her parents to pay attention

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia called out her parents for failing to care and pay attention to their kids. In her rage-filled social media rants, she announced she is seeking emancipation from her parents – Kelllyanne [Read More]

Women Are Not Born With The Maternal Instinct Get Shorty – Post-Trauma Identity, Becoming A Bad-Ass

Get Shorty – Post-Trauma Identity, Becoming A Bad-Ass How to develop a robust post-trauma identity to avoid further abuse.

Childhood trauma robs us of the ability to flow into our adult personality. Those who have experienced trauma have an unstable, fragile, shaky, and undefined identity. Survival for many of us meant numbing/dissociating or putting [Read More]

#WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Fear & Shame

#WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Who Will Believe Us Victims have many reasons #WhyIDidntReport sexual abuse but accusing Kavanaugh stinks of a political agenda

Many who have been sexually violated and abused rarely report the assault to anyone. They are overwhelmed with feelings of fear and shame. Fear of being judged and the shame of being branded as the [Read More]