The Prince, The Showgirl and Oprah Play Truth or Lies Oprah allowed Harry and Meghan play victim without counter-questioning their misleading claims

Oprah has been my idol for a long time. I credit her shows for getting me on to the path of recovery from childhood abuse. Moreso, sexual abuse. It was cathartic watching the Oprah show where Oprah skillful and sympathetically uncovered dark secrets one was ashamed of due to societal and family conditioning.

Listening to Oprah and other women sharing their abuse stories was life-changing. The shameful burden I unwittingly carried was not my fault. It was a slow but sure climb out of the abyss of hopelessness to one of freedom and empowerment. And so I was disappointed at Oprah’s recent interview with Harry and Meghan Markle.

She allowed unsubstantiated allegations to be aired without her usual skillful cleaving out the truth or at least questioning the misleading claims made by Meghan against the Royal Family.  It was sad to see Oprah allow so many inconsistencies to be aired without countering questions.

After all, the family members being attacked were a very public family. And heading it is woman, who is revered for her unstintingly doing duty for nearly 70 years.

The Prince, The Proud Feminist and Oprah Play Truth or Lies
From playing Prince poor Harry is reduced to feeding the chickens

Was Oprah so arrogant to expect her loyal fans to accept this mud-slinging as the truth just because a biracial woman made them? In the interview, Meghan unleashed accusations that were highly damaging to the Royal Family’s reputation.  Yet, Oprah allowed these allegations to slip past without counter-questions and clarifications.

The Victim Narcissist

As someone who grew up dealing with poor-me victim stories of the narcissistic type characters, it was triggering to watch Meghan and Harry play the victim. I wish I had known about this victim-blaming narcissist who blames everyone for their troubles without taking any responsibility. Being an empathetic person, I allowed myself to be used and abused by people playing the pity-game. I wish I had known that when people keep whining and blaming they are just looking to suck your energy.

This covert narcissistic ploy is used to control and manipulate the narrative for their own devious benefit. They use projection, blame, and gaslighting tactics to destroy any competition and raise their own profile.  Sadly,  Harry allowed himself to be triangulated into his wife’s scheming smear campaign.

Meghan’s Lamentations

Unfortunately, all through the interview, all Oprah did was act shocked and outraged.  After, quite a few blunders in her show-biz career,(remember John of GodBrazilian medium, healer, who Oprah waxed eloquently about, turned out to be a sexual predator), Oprah should have probed further and challenged the accusatory statements. After all the people and family being discussed are the face of Britain.

There were just too many glaring lies and inconsistencies in the interview which have been discussed in numerous media articles. However, I want to just focus on 2 that were so damaging to the Royal Family.

1)  She wasn’t allowed to get help for her mental health issues

As expected Oprah played her stock-in-trade sympathy act. However, as an interviewer, she had a duty to question these allegations. I really cannot understand how Oprah could allow this incendiary statement to go unchallenged.

That she was denied help when she suffering from mental health issues and was suicidal. Now, suicide is a very serious issue and there were times that went through this experience of utter hopelessness.

Instead of point-blank asking her why didn’t she talk to her husband who along with his brother, Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge founded the mental health charity Heads Together.

After all when we are grappling with personal issues, particularly mental health struggles the first people we reach out are our family, then friends, and our physician.

Oprah should have asked her why didn’t she reach out to her mother who she claims to be close to or her friends or maybe even Oprah.

Only a stupid person will go to the HR department of their organization to ask for help. Expecting employees to get involved in a boss’s personal life is absurd.

An Ostentatious Baby-Shower When Meghan Didn’t Want To Live

According to Meghan, she was at her lowest 0n January 16, 2019, just before attending a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem at the Royal Albert Hall Meghan Markle revealed that she had “suicidal thoughts”. She broke down in tears  ‘I just didn’t want to be alive anymore’ she moaned to Oprah.

Why didn’t Oprah ask Meghan about her flying off to New York on  February 20, 2019, to attend a 2-day  ostentatious baby shower?

Now. most of us who have struggled with depression know that once one reaches that dark abyss, it takes some time to get back to normal living. However, Meghan seemed to bounce back rather quickly with her very public get-together.

Yes someone struggling with mental health issues may socialize with friends privately. But having a public circus is definitely not something that someone with real mental health issues can stand to do.

2) Claims the Royal Family or some people in the Royal Family were racists.

Meghan told Oprah that there were “concerns and conversations within the royal coterie about their son’s skin color.

Now not being black but having grown up in a country where fair skin is idolized. I can quite understand family or friends making comments about how the child will look.  In fact, every woman who is pregnant whatever her race goes through the stage where just about everyone in their circle, gives their opinions on the soon-to-be-born baby. In fact, I remember telling my partner, I just hope my child does not get your big nose.

What the hell, why didn’t the proud feminist and woman of color just tell everyone to go f**k themselves. No Meghan had to play pity-party and Oprah tut-tutted her outrage at this unsubstantiated bombshell.

Furthermore, Meghan insinuated that her son Archie was not given the title of Prince because of his color.  Meghan clarified that she doesn’t care for the title, she just wanted security. Now, that was one very poisonous arrow to shoot at the Royal Family particularly in this time of racial divisiveness.  How could Oprah allow this without checking out the rules of the British Royal Family?

In the 1917 letter, George V declared that the great-grandchildren of the monarch would no longer be princes or princesses, except for the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales.

The children of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, would have to wait until Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, became king, at which point they would be the grandchildren of the monarch and hence entitled to be princes or princesses.

The worst part of this whole sham was  Harry playing the poor-us card we are just surviving on my mother’s million dollar fortune

It is beyond me how Harry could participate in this unsubstantiated attack of his family.   I believe one has the right to air one’s grievances and opinions but c’mon a 36-year-old man pathetically lamenting that Daddy cut his allowance was so cringeworthy.

Shouldn’t a few millions be enough to live a decent life? After all, they wanted privacy aka meaning a quiet life without the hassle of royal duties and commitments.

And Oprah encouraged their blaming mean Daddy lament.

Harry A Bad Role Model

So what do you expect when you resign from your job as a working royal. Isn’t it naive and stupid to expect an organization to pay your salary without you contributing to the business – even if it the family business you would be expected to do the work required to earn your keep.

Harry came across as a pathetic loser who is a terrible model for the mental health movement. How can he advocate for mental health when you couldn’t arrange help for his own wife.

The whole interview was a sad spectacle of two grown people playing the victim. These were the same people who had earlier claimed to be empowered role models and changemakers.

Struggle With Mental Health Issues

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues post my mother’s death when I was 11, I personally know that the loss of your mother is devastating.  And each one of us processes our pain and losses differently.  Furthermore, wealth and privilege do not shield anyone from heartbreak and suffering.

Sure,  ‘you can drown in 3 feet of water just as you can drown in 30 feet of water.’ But here’s the clincher. it’s true if you don’t know how to swim or don’t have the help or resources to swim.

However, sometimes people simply refuse to swim because being the victim is easier or more lucrative. The onus is on the individual to want to change.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the victim is and who is playing the victim. Manipulators and abusers often play the victim.

DON’T PLAY THE VICTIM – Jordan Peterson

Moving Out of Victimhood

Unfortunately, many of us are unable to access the resources and tools because we don’t have the money and support to do so. Lack of money is one of the main reasons why healing from mental illness is so difficult. Forget being able to afford therapy, many of those suffering from mental health live very precariously. Just about barely surviving.

It is tough pushing through when one does not have the financial resources. My mental health issues were exacerbated by not having a house and enough money to support my son and I. I felt so hopeless and anxious. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop and I would lose my job again.

Thankfully, those days are the past since my son began earning and I do not have to worry about my survival, My mental health has improved dramatically. Mind you, I did not go for high-end therapy.

I feel so grateful for my improved living condition. And that’s why I find it so hard to empathize with these two millionaire whiners.

Life is Difficult

So, for all those who feel sorry for two pretend victims who tried to discredit the Royal family just because they did not get their own way, please don’t.

Life is difficult but as adults who have enough resources, they owe it to their children to become the best version of themselves. That can only happen when one stops blaming and playing the victim. Show the world that it is possible to live life without riding on piggyback on an institution.

Maybe, Oprah can show them the ropes, after all, Oprah achieved success through sheer grit and hard work.  She is in many ways is a great role model. I know I was very much influenced by her. Unfortunately, Oprah allowed herself to get taken in by the machinations of a scheming, ambitious woman just because she happens to be half-black.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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