Mindfulness versus MindKindness Mindfulness is not really the cure-all for all illnesses, loving kindness is the answer

Today, everybody seems to be into mindfulness.  In my search for that magic pill  to heal my emotional pain I tried my hand at it. Those of us who have been abused are at times in such horrible emotional pain from the thoughts and memories that sitting alone and watching our thoughts is very traumatic. The whole idea is to forget the about our pain. That is why there so many addicts around, all trying to numb their pain.

After a few tries I gave up because it only made me feel worse.   So I began researching about the topic and here  what Josh Korda a popular meditation teacher  says about the the limitation of meditation ‘Meditative practices performed in isolation can help us recognize and process our emotional states, but true healing lies in those most vulnerable moments, when someone looks us in the eye, sees our pain and provides us with the mirror we so deeply seek.’

I decided to make a comparative study on Mindfulness and Mind Kindness. And guess which is better?

Mindfulness Mind Kindness
You need to make time in your busy schedule. Can be done anytime and anywhere.
Time duration to complete is longer. Can be done in a second. Try giving your seat to someone when travelling.
The effect lasts for a short while and needs to be repeated daily. The effect lasts for a lifetime and even a small act of kindness has reverberating effects.
Watching someone practicing mindfulness does nothing to anyone else but the practitioner. Watching acts of kindness produces oxytoxin and improves our mood.
Takes effort to let go of the left brain to engage the right brain for synchronization of the hemispheres to happen. When practicing kindness we enter into a flow state, where both brain hemispheres are synchronized which is the optimum state of happiness.
Mindfulness is a singular activity and requires one to take time out from family and friends which may not be taken well by those with whom we are in a relationship with. Mind kindness improves relationships and reduces loneliness.
You have to make an effort to focus, basically follow a technique, takes time to learn. Comes naturally, if one has experienced it as a child. It is contagious.

A few links on the pitfalls of mindfulness.

Simple Acts of Kindness – Give it a try 

Practicing kindness is easy and it helps ease our pain of loneliness. We cannot be kind in a vacuum. My only advise is don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

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