How Psychedelics Can Help Heal Scoliosis Psychedelics have been shown to be effective in treating mental illnesses so can they help heal scoliosis

I firmly believe that idiopathic scoliosis is caused by a mind-body imbalance. Your emotional feelings of being unbalanced are manifested in faulty bodily defenses or defective body patterns.

These tensions and contractions in the body arise in childhood due to adverse childhood experiences. Not feeling good enough and safe enough. The feeling of being unsupported or having to suppress the real you. The body bends according to the mind anomaly. Your twisted, curved spine is just a manifestation of your emotional thought patterns.

Eventually, if the childhood environmental stress is not resolved, the body incorporates this defensive pattern, Trauma becomes embedded in your body at the cellular level.  Resulting in a host of illnesses, including scoliosis.

Sadly, these painful memories remain largely subconscious. Uncovering and healing these memories is the key to healing.

 The Unconscious

Addiction expert Dr. Gabor Maté is a strong proponent of psychedelics to unlock the unconscious mind. He believes that human beings are bio-psycho-social and spiritual creatures by nature. Our biology is inseparable from our psychological emotional and spiritual existence. Therefore what manifests in the body is not some isolated and unique event or misfortune, but a manifestation of what life is in interaction with  a person’s  psychological, social and spiritual environment

In other words,  the emotional and behavioral patterns that children adopt to survive adverse conditions allows them to deal with the immediate problem. However, in the long-term, they become dis-ease. In my case to escape from my uncle’s lust I twisted my body. This memory I completely forgot till I had a breakdown at age 29 when all my repressed memories came out.

Theta Waves

To release defective body memories, you need to become conscious of your thought patterns and your beliefs. And how you picked these beliefs.

Scoliosis is basically a trauma body pattern that has become embedded in the body’s central axis – the spine. Healing this defective pattern one has to become aware of one’s subconscious thought pattern. To access these subconscious memories one has to be able to relax the mind of the incessant chatter and go within. This is possible while your brain is in the Theta (8hz – 3hz) state.  Usually, you are in this deeply relaxed state,  just before you fall asleep or wake up. Theta brain waves are the doorway, allowing you to enter the content of your unconscious mind – your innermost fears, desires, and beliefs.

Psychedelics have been proven to increase theta waves and have shown promising results treating those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Personally, I have been able to tap into theta waves through sound healing music. Thus, have been able to access long forgotten memories.

Psychedelics and Scoliosis

However, according to a Redittor psychedelics can help one access the tension within the body, beyond the reach of normal awareness

I ate psilocybe semilanceata or magic mushrooms and it completely relaxed my spine, I could do splits and lay outstretched on the floor without pain. Before that, I was in almost constant pain and my past was hazy. During, I could remember past experiences that I’d forgotten, that had affected my body in different ways, it was like seeing myself from the outside and how I was literally carrying past experiences in muscular tension patterns all over my body. Since then, I’ve found that breathing was the key to relaxing like that, and now I can almost completely manage my pain with just breathing and posture awareness.

Caution – It Is Plant Medicine

What most people don’t understand is that psychedelics are not recreational drugs. One needs to remember that they are considered plant medicines and have to be approached with reverence.  You have to prepare for the psychedelic trip.

First, physically by cutting out salt/fat and adopting a vegetarian diet.  A 3-day detox prior to ingesting any psychedelics is a must. Preparing for your initiation emotionally and spiritually should not be overlooked. Studies have shown that recreational use of LSD, psilocybin, and ayahuasca causes the alpha and theta brain waves to decline and the beta waves to increase, which strengthens the ego. This contrasts with an ayahuasca ceremony, where the opposite occurs (more alpha and theta, fewer beta waves)

An experienced guide or shaman plays an important role is facilitating your transformative healing journey.

Furthermore, if you want real healing to happen, you need to set your intention and believe that change is possible. Keeping an open mind is important.

The last but most important element in your post-psychedelic experience is returning to an emotionally supportive environment. Or else all the insights and healing experience will come to naught if you have to go back to an environment that triggers and invalidates you.

Mind-Body Re-Alignment Guide

During this experience, one is privy to mind-expanding insights.  Even though it will not magically change you but it does change your perceptions and thought process. Those with scoliosis who have taken this claim they feel more confident, can look people in the eye and feel empowered. It makes you aware of things in your life that need improvement, whether emotionally or physically.

Summing, psychedelics will give you sneak peek to what it’s like to move freely without muscle tension and habitual patterns. On the psychological level, you gain access to your emotional baggage, the reason for bending and twisting your body to survive in a hostile environment.

WARNING: For some, they may not be ready for what the unconscious presents them. If you have experienced extreme trauma or abuse in the past, seek the assistance of a medical professional before trying any psychedelics. 

Further Reading:

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3 years ago

Hi everyone! 🙂 i really appreciate this post, i can confirm from my own experience with lsd, that it gives me a super enhanced ability of feeling and controlling every single smallest muscle along my spine and that i can straighten my scoliosis only by taking lsd and focussing on it and activating the right musles, over which i don’t have any control nornally, despite of doing schroth exercise for a decade. After my lsd trips i was up to 10cm taller. The only not good thing about this is, that the effect doesn’t last long and within a few days im back to my usual scoliosis degree. I want to experiment more with this and try to learn to keep this consciousness and enhamced control over my spine after the trips for a long time and hopefully can change my spine permanently some day.

Reply to  Cheryl
3 years ago

Thank you so much for your advice! 🙂 i will try these alpha and theta waves music. :))

Reply to  Max
2 years ago

hey just saw this and i suffer from scoliosis, do you think i could take any psycadelic to fix my scoliosis if i cant get my hands on lsd atm, like for example yopo (it is similar to ayahuasca) ?

Vir McCoy
Vir McCoy
4 years ago

I love this Blog!!
I had a powerful experience during an Ayahuasca ceremony that my scoliosis was from repressed anger. Thank you for your work.

Vir McCoy
Vir McCoy
Reply to  Cheryl
4 years ago

I don’t think psychedelics are necessary but they did help me get to the root of my issue. I saw during the ceremony that my spine had twisted up in the womb in an attempt to get away from my mothers invasive energy (I can go into this more if you want) . I ended up tapping into a well off anger towards her that I didn’t know was there in ceremony. It was simply feeling old feelings that were trapped that I didn’t know. It made me realize that my scoliosis was from these stuck feelings of anger, and that that stuck anger can get passed down through generations if unfelt. During the ceremony I went into “unwinding” and my spine was popping and waving in undulations in an effort to recalibrate. That was amazing. I am no longer in any pain and my scoliosis has lessened to a degree. I really feel like the body can wrap it self or warp around unfelt feelings, whether they be yours or your ancestors passed down. The work of Dr. John Sarno, I had never seen, but he was the only expert I found when googling “scoliosis and anger” that discussed this, and of course your blog.