Connection Between Scoliosis and the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) The pineal gland is our inner fulcrum, connecting the mind-body-spirit


Recently, a fellow scoliosis warrior wrote that her doctor told her that scoliosis is due to a malfunction of the pineal gland. That got me digging about the pineal gland’s connection to scoliosis.

According to some theories, the pineal gland (third eye) could be a contributing factor in causing idiopathic scoliosis. To prove this assumption, some poor chickens were chosen for this groundbreaking study!!!!

The poor things were subjected to the cruelty of having their pineal gland removed.  Now even a fool knows that there are no comparing humans to chickens both anatomically or psychologically.  Except in derision when one taunts a fearful person as being a chicken.  Nonetheless, it was concluded that maybe melatonin (a sleep-wake hormone from the pineal gland of the brain) played a role.

Connection Between Scoliosis and the Pineal Gland(Third Eye)
Pineal Gland is the seat of our soul, the connection between mind-body-spirit

However, when tested scoliotic patients’ melatonin levels did not show any significant differences with the melatonin level of normal folks.

Additionally, more recent studies with some more innocent chickens showed that the induced scoliosis after pinealectomy has probably more to do with a secondary lack of serotonin (which has been known to influence general muscle tonus).

Pineal Gland – Union of Mind and Body-Spirit

Thus their stupid experiment was inconclusive, except maybe for the fact that the pineal gland (the third eye) could be the inner fulcrum that keeps our inner self in sync with the outer world. The French philosopher Rene’ Descartes,  well known for “I think, therefore I am”, believed that this mystery gland was the “principal seat of the soul“, a place for the union of body-mind-spirit.

On one of the Quora forums, a few shared the effects of having their pineal gland removed. One stated “it felt like I lost my soul. It felt like I was just an empty body going through the motions of everyday life trying to connect with people without the ability to connect with people.”

I have written numerous posts about how ACEs could because of scoliosis.  Trauma causes us to lose our souls. Native Americans called this soul-loss. And healing entails the retrieval of our soul parts, that were forced to go underground.

Is The Pineal Gland Our Third Eye

The pineal gland is a small cone-shaped structure in the same horizontal plane as the spiritual third eye which is between our eyebrows.

It consists of rod and cone structures as in the retina. Furthermore, it contains similar pigments that are present in the eyes. And like our eyes the pineal gland is light-sensitive, thus making it very similar to the eyes, and hence, the name ‘Third Eye.

The pineal gland is located deep in the center of the brain in an area called the epithalamus. It is situated beneath the back part of the corpus callosum and above the cerebellum, near the brainstem.

Its anatomical location shows that it is more connected to our reptilian brain than our higher brain structures. Thus when we get an intuitive feeling about something, it is our pineal gland sending messages to our gut via the vagus nerve. The reason being we pay more attention when our stomach feels queasy.

All this happens in a flash and we either pay attention and take action or feel too paralyzed to do anything and end up having gastrointestinal issues and other health problems. All because we did not listen to our gut-feelings.

How Important is the Pineal Gland

Even though the pineal gland is very tiny it has profuse blood flow, second only to the kidneys,

According to research, the main function of the pineal is regulating our circadian rhythms through the production of melatonin, the sleep chemical.  The pineal gland receives light or lack of light (dark) signals from our eyes and determines the amount of melatonin that is to be produced from serotonin. Melatonin released from the pineal gland influences the entire endocrine system, particularly our sexual maturation.

Furthermore, the pineal gland manufactures DMT, (dimethyltryptamine), which is sometimes known as “the spirit molecule”, The molecule which is released at the time of birth and death.

Most importantly, the pineal gland helps us interface our internal and external world – interoception and proprioception.

Once upon a time, the pituitary gland was said to be the master gland regulating all the biochemical processes in our body. However, the more science discovers about the pineal gland, the more clear it becomes apparent that this is the real master gland.

What more, is that the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system. This means that toxins can easily get into the pineal gland while on the upside improved diet has a direct effect on the pineal gland.

How Trauma Closes Our Third Eye

Most scientific studies focus on the physiological aspect of the pineal gland and scoliosis. There are no studies showing the neuro-psychic connections between the pineal gland and scoliosis.   Nonetheless, according to Dr. Gabor Maté,

Our biology is inseparable from our psychological emotional and spiritual existence. Therefore what manifests in the body is not some isolated and unique event or misfortune, but a manifestation of what life is in interaction with a person’s psychological, social and spiritual environment.

While the physical eyes perceive the physical world, the third eye sees the true reality. And, what happens when one grows up with parents, family, and caregivers who are abusive. We, helpless children, shut out the truth to survive. Shutting down our perceptions and psychologically putting on blinkers. We put up blocks or armor to stop ourselves from overwhelming pain. We shut off the truth, we twist our perceptions to survive in dysfunctional situations.

Now, remember, the mind-body is one unit, when we psychically block our perceptions and repress our feeling we block our energy from flowing upwards.

However, one surprising oddity is that there are no known cases of scoliosis in children that are born blind. Maybe, their third eye does not get tainted by sight and perceptions of their environment.

How My Pineal Gland Got Shut Down

Most children who have had the basic good enough parenting, have an active pineal gland, You just have to be with a little child to know this. They are open, free, and empathetic. I know I was – comfortable in my skin but very tuned into my environment.  And when my mother was dying  I became even more empathetically attuned I tried to do everything to keep her happy.

Alas, she died. however, naively continued being empathetic and trusting. The people who were supposed to care about me slowly betrayed me.  I, of course, could not accept this painful reality.

Two Critical Incidents that Damaged my All-Seeing Third Eye

1)  This was just after my mother’s death, I was 11. I had returned from school and was alone when this cousin (10 years) who was lurking around pounced on me and tried to molest me, I screamed and my paternal grandmother who lived below heard me and called out. This cousin ran down and when my grandmother asked him why I was screaming, He said, I was crazy, and I heard my grandmother mutter, ‘Just like her mother.’

I knew what she was insinuating. That my mother was a loose woman and I was just like her. Mind you my mother had been struggling for nearly 7 years with cancer prior to her death. The cousin went on to abuse me while I slept and then would run off when I got up. It went on till one day I went to sleep on my father’s double bed and he came there too. I woke up my father and he kicked him out.

But when we went for this cousin’s birthday, my father forced me to kiss him. I had to, I feared my father would hit me. Because that was his reaction when we protested or argued. The fear and revulsion were so intense I blocked out the memory of the ongoing sexual abuse.

Second Incident

Another was with this uncle Lusty, who began lusting for me when I was 12years old. I’d sense his eyes on me, and it made me feel uneasy. I tried to shut down my perceptions, after all, he is my uncle, it is not possible. Besides, in the unsupportive family environment, I felt he was the only person who was polite and paid me compliments.

I was hungry for love and attention so continued to be around him and pretend all was okay. Till his narcissistic wife accused me of trying to seduce him. The shock was too much, I remember collapsing as though the energy just flowed downward. Blood drained from my face. I felt my life-force energy flowing from my head to my groin. Since then I have been operating from my survival chakra the root chakra.

Distorted Belief System

In addition to the above trauma, there were other small and big traumas. However, the above 2 experiences were so shame-inducing. My internal feeling of joy and openness changed to becoming closed and filled with resentment.  I saw the world through the tainted sense of shame and being dirty and vile. No longer did I feel ME without feeling, I was ugly. That was the reflection I saw and tried to twist myself further to be accepted

Abuse changed how I felt about myself, my body, my relationships, and the world. What should have happened (the healthy development of a little girl)  did not happen, I remained stuck in a different reality – frozen in time.

I know I had to shut down seeing the true intentions of the people around me, after all, how can my father hate me, or my grandmother not like me, or my uncle sexually lust for me, or my aunt cunningly using me to do housework.

Abuse Affects Our Perceptions

The beliefs that our caregivers instill into us both overtly or covertly affect not just our perceptions but also our present reality. We twist our minds and bodies to be accepted. We believe and accept that pretending and being fake is the only way to exist

I so wanted to be liked that I shut down who I was – my thought, feeling, and needs and became a compliant codependent. Pretending to be nice but seething with anger. So much repressed energy was locked within my body.

Can One Open The Pineal Gland?

There so many articles on opening the third eye that one gets confused. Some say that to open it one has to remove the calcification. One is advised to follow a certain diet, practice a certain breathing technique (according to Joe Dispenza and meditate.

Alas, I like my meat and due to scoliosis, I have trouble doing deep nostril breathing. This is due to a deviated septum (just learned this on one of the Facebook scoliosis forums). And I have never been able to sit for more than 2 minutes without some thought hijacking me.

But don’t worry, even Jesus was drinking wine and eating meat and his third eye was definitely open.

Releasing Faulty Beliefs

The most important way to heal a damaged third eye is to slowly rebuild your inner-self by releasing those faulty beliefs and lies we were forced to adopt. Unblocking our truth means first means acknowledging and accepting that those godly adults who raised us were not so godly. They were the product of their own twisted upbringing. It means standing up for yourself and speaking your truth without fear.

One can reach this step only once one feels safe within ourselves. Having an enlightened and supportive witness helps immensely in seeing the actual reality. Validation is central to healing our negative core beliefs.  We can truly see the truth when we feel safe to see the truth.  That is why trying to open the third eye without healing the pain of our abuse could lead to psychosis or spiritual crisis.

A word of caution, an open third eye doesn’t mean enlightenment, it just means your perceptions are not obscured by emotion. You may see clearly but your actions could be still controlled by your ego.

Faith and gratitude are two important ways to connect to something higher. Faith helps us overcome the brain’s negativity bias and believe that things can get better.

Can Food Decalcify the Pineal Gland

Stress causes our hormonal system to go haywire. Our brains are flooded with toxic chemicals which cause inflammation of our pineal gland. One particular micronutrient which gets severely depleted during stress is magnesium. And guess what is required to convert serotonin to produce melatonin –  magnesium.

According to numerous articles, the pineal gland can be decalcified by the following:

1)  Malic acid-rich sour foods like apple cider vinegar, pineapple, tamarind. You know it is working when soon as you put sour food in your mouth, it goes right to the center of your brain, and your eyes crinkle. I feel sour food act directly on the pineal gland.

2) Increasing magnesium in your body.  Moreover, magnesium dampens down the effect of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones).  I have found dermally applying dissolved Epsom salt with either coconut or castor on my body really helpful.

3) Including turmeric in your diet Curcumin (Cur), an active ingredient of turmeric attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride.  And it is common knowledge that fluoride causes calcification.

Some Delicious Ways To Heal Your Pineal Gland

4) Some delicious ways to help your third eye, ingesting cocoa products (raw cacao is best), beer, and wine. Oh, this discovery really made me happy. Of course, remember not to overdo it, moderation is key.  Medicine should be taken in the proper dosage for it to be effective.

However, I don’t truly believe that eating certain foods or following certain techniques can truly open the third eye unless we work out and release our internal shit.

David Wilcock: Secrets of DMT and the Third Eye

Healing From The Trauma –  The Courage To See The Truth

Healing from trauma is the process of slowly awakening to the truth. It is a slow unfolding of painful truth, gradually taking off the veils or armor that protected you from the pain and hurt and accepting the truth. It can be very bitter but then healing is a process of digesting the bitter truths.

We accept the things that cannot be changed, give up our illusions and expectation about people. A person’s mistreatment has nothing to do with your intrinsic worth as a human being. You are a precious, worthy being who is loved and connected to something greater. And that is the moment when you see the light – the truth. The past no longer hurts – you are free

Getting my Internal  Eye (I ) Straight

As I heal I feel my inner sense of being feeling more calmer and at peace. Every day the anger and hate and resentment seem to get less and less. I can see the people who hurt me with a certain sense of detachment like they are no longer a part of me.

Most importantly, I have stopped tolerating bullshit or accommodating assholes who do not respect me. I have moved onto another dimension.

Jesus said, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye is single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

No one is superior to me except God. I keep my mind’s eye fixed on who I  truly am. a loving child of a Supreme Loving Being. When that truth permeates us from the inside out our body releases the trauma and one can feel our innate goodness flowing within our being –  free to soar and become authentic vital humans. I know I am slowly getting there and I am well pleased.



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