The Dangers Of Undermining Your Child’s Reality

Don’t Undermine Your Child’s Reality, Do This Instead Reframing your child's perceptions and feelings can change his reality

One huge parenting fail is undermining a child’s reality. Most parents, either dismiss or invalidate their child’s perceptions. They fail to understand that their child is a thinking, feeling entity, completely separate from them. And [Read More]

Functional Scoliosis: The Other Factors That Cause Scoliosis Long-Term Benefits of Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids

Long-Term Benefits of Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids When a child is intrinsically motivated, they are more apt to succeed in the long haul

Kids who are intrinsically motivated have a greater chance of reaching goals and succeeding. Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes internally driven people as having autotelic personalities. They have a tendency to engage in an activity for [Read More]

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