Your Child’s Protective Buffers Against Sexual Abuse Healing Scoliosis With Theta Brain Waves #WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Fear & Shame

#WhyIDidntReport Sexual Abuse – Who Will Believe Us Victims have many reasons #WhyIDidntReport sexual abuse but accusing Kavanaugh stinks of a political agenda

Many who have been sexually violated and abused rarely report the assault to anyone. They are overwhelmed with feelings of fear and shame. Fear of being judged and the shame of being branded as the [Read More]

Shake Off Stress And Trauma From Your Body Neurogenic tremors are the body's natural way of dissipating stress, we need to re-learn this natural stress relieving mechanism

Shaking is the natural way to release tension and return the body to its normal homeostasis. It is a primal impulse to a stressful situation. Animals naturally shake to release tension after a life-threatening event. [Read More]

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